Meet Your Hosts

Sheryll  (IG:  @sheryllrenata )

(IG: @sheryllrenata)

Kerry  (IG:  @skinandtonics )

(IG: @skinandtonics)

Coco  (IG:  @thebeautywolf )

(IG: @thebeautywolf)

Tiffany  (IG: @ Tiffanyandlupus )

(IG: @Tiffanyandlupus)

Join beauty insiders Sheryll, Kerry, Coco, and Tiffany for their weekly podcast covering all things beauty — including skin care, makeup, brand gossip, and the social issues that intersect beauty culture. Each week, they’ll uncover what’s new in the land of beauty, bringing you hot takes while challenging the industry's status quo and delivering a fade on sight, as needed. Don’t miss it, this is not your basic beauty podcast! 



Sheryll is the content creator behind the K-beauty blog The Wanderlust Project, a contributing editor at BeautyTap, and a competitive powerlifter who loves chemical exfoliation much more than a normal person should.



Kerry is an award-winning digital product designer, a published author, and skin care know-it-all. She co-authored the book Korean Beauty Secrets: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Skincare & Makeup, and is the voice behind (now retired) skin care blog “Skin & Tonics.”



Coco lives in Montreal where she simultaneously pretends she doesn’t speak a word of French and larps as a fancy French lady. She’s the voice behind The Beauty Wolf blog, a contributing editor at Beauty Tap, and co-author of the book, Korean Beauty Secrets: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Skincare & Makeup.



Tiffany hails from the boogie-down Bronx, and is the voice behind the online & offline persona, @Tiffanyandlupus. She is a freelance writer, public speaker, community manager, and full-time healthcare advocate.